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Visually Comparing the Grand’s Revisions

A visual comparison between revisions for the Man and the Sea, a chapter for the Grand. This particular video demonstrates how the Spiral Development method can apply to the review process of a novel; namely how chapters are refined over time.

This is a follow to my Comparing the Grand’s Revisions post, which goes into why and how this particular chapter was selected for comparison. This video also demonstrates how the amount of changes gradually recede to leave behind a coherent manuscript and that is something any author wants to see!

Direct comparison between Revision 2 and 14

This video is a composite comparison of 12 chapters in all. While there are 14 versions of the chapters, some had no changes to bring forward so there was nothing gained by showing them. For those curious, the above image below denotes the total changes between Revision 2 and Revision 14.

Comparing the Grand’s Revisions

When I wrote the Grand, I made sure to collect statistics on changes and kept a copy of revisions. This enabled me to measure my progress and gauge how things were moving along. I detailed this process before under the post titled Spiral Development for the Literary World.

There was one element I never explored at the time and that was comparing the earliest revision available against the newest. In the back of my mind, I half-expected it show me a document filled with corrections and would find very little original text remaining. What I found was pretty much exactly as I imagined.

To find the ideal candidate, I looked through the amount of changes made per revision and originally found that the Van Helsing Paradox had the highest number. Not a revelation per sey, considering it is also my largest chapter.

Instead, I compared total revisions made against the amount of words and discovered that the Man and the Sea had highest percentage of corrections over it’s lifetime. Since this chapter is also one of the shortest, it also allowed me to show visually how the bulk of the chapter was altered.

For those curious here is a list of the number of changes based on revision:

  • Revision 2 – 62
  • Revision 3 – 30
  • Revision 4 – 17
  • Revision 5 – 12
  • Revision 6 – 4
  • Revision 7 – 3
  • Revision 8 – 2
  • Revision 9 – 1
  • Revision 10 – 3
  • Revision 11 – 2
  • Revision 12 – 1
  • Revision 13 – 1
  • Revision 14 – 1

Overall I found it humbling and fascinating. It allowed me to see how dramatic 12 revisions could be when compared directly!

The End of a Cycle

I have completed my second review of The Grand Project, a story which features a hotel that caters to the needs of things that go bump in the night.  At the end of my first review, I ended up with 4039 modifications over the total of the work.  Additionally, there were 41 changes per percent based on the novels length.

This revision felt more brutal, since I did a lot of formatting work to separate out the dialogue from paragraphs.  Looking at my statistics from 28 Feb to 25 Apr 16, I ended up with the following:

  • 4630 modifications for the entire work;
  • 46 modifications per percent;
  • Ghoul Hunters had the fewest changes at 33 modifications per percent;
  • One Small Step had the most changes at 69 changes per percent; and
  • A new chapter Chariots of Thunder was added to the manuscript.

This time around I have more definitive per chapter information, since I collected them after a chapter was completed.  Given that Chariots of Thunder was not part of the initial manuscript, it will not be counted until the next revision.

Another reason for the large amount of changes is related to my reviewing method.  When I review a chapter, I note changes then transcribe them into my manuscript.  I do not re-read the chapter before moving on since that material will be covered during the next review.  Sometimes my changes were improperly transcribed or retained some of the older verses.  Its not perfect, but I prefer to keep momentum.

Revising Ghoul Hunters


Ghoul Hunters available on:
Google Docs

I have completed my second review of Ghoul Hunters. In this modern day chapter, a group of paranormal researchers discover the truth about the Grand.

There were 329 modifications made to this 15 page chapter. Overall, this revision concentrated on improving the chapter’s readability. Several modifications were related to formatting and maintaining consistency.

Both Google Docs and Wattpad have the revised edition. Note that the Google Docs version permits comments and revisions, feel free to make use of this capability.

Introducing Chariots of Thunder


Chariots of Thunder available on:
Google Docs

A couple of months ago, I came across an image featuring two chariots fitted with motorcycles.  This peaked my interests since the caption informed me that this type of activity was popular during the Twenties and Thirties.

Since this coincides with The Grand Project‘s timeline; I came up with a story that would integrate this unique historical anomaly.

This story revolves around a motorcycle stunt driver who was taken after a crash involving the Wall of Death. Explore just what patrons of The Grand will do to keep themselves occupied!

Both Google Docs and Wattpad have the revised edition. Note that the Google Docs version permits comments and revisions, feel free to make use of this capability.