Evelyn Chartres Author

Sometimes There are Risks

Sometimes there are risks to reading the Grand!

This book was so wonderful and enthralling that I almost burned dinner! I meant to only read a few pages to pass time while during afternoon chores but I was just was caught up in the many different layers of timelines and viewpoints. I wish to request a follow up or sequel as I would love to know some more about the Grand many guests especially any famous ones.

Sometimes It’s Nice

Sometimes it’s nice to get a positive review!

Ambitious and highly creative. This has a lot going on with many themes and threads that are all wound around one very creepy setting, The Grand. There were some beautiful gothic parts and a few wow moments. While it isn't as refined as it could be the creativity alone gets five stars from me Great storytelling.

A Stroll Through La Ville De Québec

La Ville de Québec is one oldest European settlements in North America.  This city was a part of la Nouvelle France and features a fortified wall that surrounds the old city.  It is interesting to walk down the streets of the lower city and make your way up cliff as architecture changes.

One of the most prominent landmarks is the Chateau Frontenac, which is an old railway Grand hotel.  The fort is named after Louis de Baude de Frontenac a popular Governor of la Nouvelle France which was famously known to have repelled the English through bravado and wit. On that day he uttered a phrase that became legend:

I have no reply to make to your general other than from the mouths of my cannons and muskets.

Unfortunately, I had little time to visit this city.  However, I did manage to take a few shots which are featured below!

Overlooking the Grand

I was away on business for the past week, which is why some of my updates took a while to propagate onto Google+ and Facebook. Despite flying over endless cloud cover for most of the trip, it managed to clear up just as we reached the mountains.

Interestingly enough, this mountain chain is where I envisioned the Grand to be!  I always loved this part of the world and this was the first time where I managed to get the right mix of snow.