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A Quick Read through Avenging Fate

I have just finished reading Avenging Fate by Jennifer Derrick and I must say that I am impressed!

Where Broken Fate set the board and ultimately led to the fall of Death Fate. Avenging Fate brings us forward into a world thrown into chaos. Jennifer Derrick explores how manipulation, betrayal and love can have global consequences.

The author branches out from the affairs of gods and the humans who toil on Earth. These new elements really make her world shine! Jennifer Derrick breathes life into a plethora of new characters, some with backgrounds shrouded in mystery. She also brings forth creatures of myth who both managed to surprise me and kept me wanting more.

Avenging Fate ended at a good point for this continuing tale. The various threads were tied up nicely, but it left things open for another sequel (or more). Alas, I will have to wait until the next book is released to find out more.

I certainly look forward to it!

A Stroll Through Manhattan

I had a chance to visit New York City today.   Mostly I wandered around the city and took pictures of what caught my eye.  The city is well-known for its skyscrapers and Art Deco.

Given my interest in the 1920s and 1930s I made it a point to visit the Rockefeller Centre.  The vast complex of buildings exemplifies architecture of the Art Deco movement and certainly provides a beautiful view of the city once you made it to the top.

I also made a point of visiting Central Park including Belvedere Castle and the Alice in Wonderland statue.  It certainly was not exhaustive visit of the park given its size!

Here is a sample of some of the shots that I manage to take during my trek.  Hopefully they can serve as inspiration for others!