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A Stroll Through Boston

Today I had the opportunity to visit to Boston, Massachusetts. I have been here a couple of times before, but this time I wanted to take the opportunity to revisit the Museum of Fine Arts. This allowed me to take better pictures of Susan Apthorp, the picture used for the cover for the Portrait.
I also took the time to visit the Christmas tree we give the city for their support during the Halifax Explosion. Interesting point of note, there is no sign or advertising as to why the huge tree is there.
Here are some of the shots taken from within the museum and during my jaunt.  I hope they serve as a bit of inspiration!

A Stroll Through Downtown Toronto

I had the chance to visit Toronto, Ontario, Canada recently as part of a business trip. Toronto is Canada‘s largest city and features a mixture of old and new architecture. The most iconic structure is of course the CN Tower.

However, I wanted to find shots which might inspire but also showcase things that people may overlook or pass by without a second glance. All of these pictures were taken downtown, including from within the CN Tower, Fort York, Royal Ontario Museum and Sugar Beach.

A Stroll Through Montréal’s Vieux-Port

I have been travelling of late, which is one of the reasons why my posts are a bit chaotic of late.  Today, I managed to get away with a camera and take some shots of the city of Montréal. This is one of Canada‘s oldest cities and will be celebrating its 375th soon!

Specifically I had the opportunity to walk through the Vieux-Port area of the city.  There is a lot of beautiful architecture, churches, museums and street performers to find there.  For potential inspiration, I felt it would be nice to post some shots from my travels.

I hope you enjoy!

On an Authors Vision and the End Result

I was playing around with my camera, intent on creating a featured image for another post. However, when I looked at the finished product it got me thinking.  I know!  Rather dangerous for an author!


‘Creating a Cake’ by Evelyn Chartres

During a flash of creative inspiration, the world I see is both pristine and clear. I could spend weeks writing that scene in all of its exquisite detail. How is that a problem? Like a lightning strike at night, details vanish as soon as they appear.

When looking at the shot, it sets the scene for someone collecting items and ingredients needed to bake a cake. In the picture there are ingredients, a tablet displaying the recipe, candles for later and even some serving plates.

However, once the flash is gone the minds rendition is no longer vibrant. In this case, the richness of reds have bled out from the shot.  There is also a lack of detail and the image is cropped in such a way to prevent viewers from getting a sense of the bigger picture.

Like any story there are also inconsistencies or plot holes. How could someone make a cake without eggs, butter or vanilla extract?  Why is a candle lit even though the cake is not ready?

Only after extensive reviews, reader input and hard work will author’s rendition approximate the original flash of inspiration. The reds will be more vibrant, the scene will sport a delicious cake that will make readers drool.

To think you can just taste that thick icing and marble cake… Wait? It was Maple Syrup cake originally!

Oh well minor detail.  Hope no one will notice!