Evelyn Chartres Author

Introducing the Hotel Cover

When Revision 5 was introduced, it brought about a new cover design, which  featured a speakeasy.  The speakeasy was iconic for the Roaring Twenties and Dirty Thirties, at least in the United Stated and seemed to be a good fit.

A reader proposed that I use an actual hotel to create the cover.  This idea has merit since the Grand features separate stories that have a common era, theme and location. The Grand is the focal points for all the stories, so it makes sense to pursue that idea.

Fortunately, I had the chance to visit la Ville de Québec which features one of the Railway Grand hotels found through Canada. I used Chateau Frontenac as a base, threw in a backdrop of the Rockies and added a skull rendition that I got from pixabay.com.  The latter was listed is Public Domain, whereas the former where both my shots.

The font itself is YoungSerif found on the fontlibrary.org.  It seems to complement the overall feel of the cover and has an agreeable copyright.

Overall, I think I may have found my eventual release cover.  What do you think?

Overlooking the Grand

I was away on business for the past week, which is why some of my updates took a while to propagate onto Google+ and Facebook. Despite flying over endless cloud cover for most of the trip, it managed to clear up just as we reached the mountains.

Interestingly enough, this mountain chain is where I envisioned the Grand to be!  I always loved this part of the world and this was the first time where I managed to get the right mix of snow.