Anthologies Featuring Evelyn Chartres

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Anthologies Featuring Evelyn Chartres

Herein lies anthologies that contain stories from Evelyn Chartres (Nom de Plume), a Canadian independent author.

From Ashes to Magic

When they creep out of the shadows that you should beware. The good ones will hold your hand when you’re having a nightmare; the bad ones BECOME your nightmare, seeping into your very soul and burrowing in the darkness until they’ve completely taken over. Ten authors. Ten stories and many supernatural beings that you’ve come to know and love. Once you plunge into these pages, you won’t want to leave!

They Walk Among Us

Thirteen stories of magic and mystery reveal things that exist if you’re prepared to scratch the surface of reality. Within these words, you will find witches, demons, ghosts, vampires, angels, werewolves, centaurs, dragons, and creatures of the night, it’s a monstrous menagerie to cause delight.

Fade to Noir

From fifteen different authors, we bring you tales of those things that walk among us. The inexplicable, the strange, and perhaps deranged, are all contained within the pages herein.

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