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Tutorials on this site are posted as elements of my weblog.  For ease of discovery, this page provides a launch pad for the posts.  Below are summaries and links to tutorials currently in place.

The Portrait’s Cover

The Portrait’s Cover is a series of tutorials that focus specifically on the creation of the cover for my first novel The Portrait. It starts off with taking the original source image, turning it into a night scene then designing the final cover. The last entry also notes how to create swatches so people can more easily view, compare, and select the covers they like.

Microsoft Word Wizardry

Microsoft WordMicrosoft Word tutorials that are meant to shine a light on lesser used features.  Written in the form of a walkthrough, they also aimed at raising awarness while accomplishing real-world tasks.

Spiral Development for the Literary World

Spiral Development for the Literary World covers the process I used to revise and improve my manuscripts. This process requires multiple revisions, each refining the manuscript over time using metrics to guide the writer on progress is being made if any.

Mobile Manuscripts

Mobile Manuscripts while not necessarily a tutorial. This page describes the process I use to create manuscripts using my mobile phone. Every way of creating content has advantages and disadvantages including this one, so this article includes the why as well as noted pitfalls.