Evelyn Chartres Author
Evelyn Chartres’ The Portrait

The Portrait

The Portrait is a Gothic horror about Victoria Frost, an author who develops an unhealthy obsession for her character. As events unfold, her obsessions begin to turn on her, which forces the author to question her sanity. Is she simply slipping deeper into madness or are there other factors at play?

A vision from the past becomes a writer’s deadly obsession.

The Portrait features a mixture of contemporary and historical scenes with the latter revolving around her muse. In this novel, Victoria will revisit certain scenes using both prose and art yielding new pieces of the puzzle with every pass.



The sudden death of her parents and a childhood memory push young Victoria Frost to pursue her own path.  Now images of a woman who lived during the reign of the Sun King are at the forefront of her mind.  Images that will lead her to revisit an iconic scene in her character’s life using both prose and art.

As a darker side to her character appears, the young author begins to question the origins of her inspirations.  Should she even consider the state of mind required to have conjured up such thoughts?  What will happen as Victoria continues her quest to explore the life and times of her character?

Delve into the mind of this author as she transitions from the product of her upbringing into something unexpected.  Explore Victoria’s thoughts, feelings and yearnings to find out where her journey ends.