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The End of the Eighth Cycle

Even Things That Go Bump in the Night Need a Place to Unwind

I have completed my eighth review of the Grand. This review marked a 27% drop in corrections compared to revision five. Into the Fire had the most substantial drop of 71%, while changes to The Cheshire Cats Grin increased by 333%. Overall, there were 207 corrections and gives us an average of 17 changes per chapter.

About 20% of the chapters saw a drop in changes during this cycle. The Cheshire Cats Grin saw the greatest increase, in stark contrast to the last revision where it saw the greatest decrease.

Here is a summary of the cycle:

  • Overall a 27% drop in modifications when compared to revision seven;
  • 283 modifications for the entire work. The first time revisions are under three digits;
  • 17 modifications per chapter;
  • Into the Fire had the most substantial drop at 71%; and
  • The Cheshire Cats Grin had a 333% increase in changes.

Like last couple of revisions, this revision took far less time than previous revisions and for the same reasons:

  • It takes far less time to run through the material;
  • There are far fewer errors to find with an average of 371 words between corrections. This improves on the 307 words per change seen in revision seven; and
  • Changes implemented are minor in scope.

I expect to keep pushing through these revisions until the total amount of corrections drop well below 25 for the manuscript. If these trends hold, I expect there are at 2-3 revisions left.

A Quick Read through Avenging Fate

I have just finished reading Avenging Fate by Jennifer Derrick and I must say that I am impressed!

Where Broken Fate set the board and ultimately led to the fall of Death Fate. Avenging Fate brings us forward into a world thrown into chaos. Jennifer Derrick explores how manipulation, betrayal and love can have global consequences.

The author branches out from the affairs of gods and the humans who toil on Earth. These new elements really make her world shine! Jennifer Derrick breathes life into a plethora of new characters, some with backgrounds shrouded in mystery. She also brings forth creatures of myth who both managed to surprise me and kept me wanting more.

Avenging Fate ended at a good point for this continuing tale. The various threads were tied up nicely, but it left things open for another sequel (or more). Alas, I will have to wait until the next book is released to find out more.

I certainly look forward to it!

A Glimpse of the Portrait in Print

It has been roughly a year since the Portrait was released as an eBook. One of my side projects was to push this novel through CreateSpace in order to create print variant.

With the help of Nutty Nuchtchas I was able to get the cover sorted out. The cover image was tweaked using a higher quality source and a skilled hand was involved for its final inception. It is always a good idea to let a professional handle the finishing touches.

I look forward to seeing the end result!

A Quick Read Through Broken Fate

There are certain elements of life that few of us think about. Many avoid dwelling on death and few question how we ended up where we are. Was it blind luck? Skill? Ruthlessness? Or was it pre-ordained by a greater power?

Broken Fate by Jennifer Derrick tackled both elements by living through a moment in the life of one of the Fates. The author Jennifer Derrick seems to have a knack for dragging Greek mythology thousands of years ahead into the now. She breathed life into these ancient gods and goddesses and left me emotionally invested in their outcomes.

All of the elements are there, political intrigue, alliances, life, and death. The latter is central to our main characters existence and the reader gets to see what happens when rules are bent or broken.

I found it hard to put this book down, taking any opportunity I had to advance a few pages. Alas, the much of the story remains to be told. So I ordered Avenging Fate to see how just how this tale unfolds!

Tuscan Sausage

I am not too sure if this recipe has anything to do with dishes served in Tuscany. However, this dish combines Italian sausage, potatoes, mushrooms, peas and pasta sauce to create a ready-to-serve meal in less than an hour.

This recipe can be heavily varied based on the type of pasta sauce used.  I typically opt for a four-cheese or spinach pasta sauce, both variants are crowd pleasers!


1 pound (450 g) of Italian Sausage

1 pound (450 g) of potatoes

1 tablespoon (15 ml) of garlic butter

1 teaspoon (5 ml) of cumin

10 fluid ounces (285 g) of sliced mushrooms

3 ounces (85 g) of diced onions

3 ounces (85 g) of diced red peppers

22 fluid ounces (650 g) of pasta sauce

6 ounces (170 g) of thawed snow peas


Cook and slice up the sausage.  I typically use an outdoor grill to enhance the flavour.

Peel and cut the potatoes into ¼ inch cubes (0.6 cm). Rinse then heat in the microwave until the potatoes have begun to soften for approximately 3 minutes (halved).

In a 8.75 inch skillet (22 cm) melt butter on medium heat.  Add sliced mushrooms and cumin. Sauté until mushrooms are a golden brown. When done set aside.

In a well-oiled 3.5 quart (3.3 l) sauté pan, cook onions and red peppers until onions become transparent.

Add potatoes and continue to cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

Add sausage, mushrooms and pasta sausage. Reduce heat to low/medium-low and simmer for 20-30 minutes.

Add snow peas then allow to heat.  Ready to serve.

Optionally place individual portions into a pot of stoneware then cover in mozzarella cheese.  Heat in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes at 350°F (180°C).