Evelyn Reads a Moment in Time

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A Moment in Time is a poignant psychological romance penned by independent author, J.G. MacLeod. The narrative follows the relationship between an adult education teacher, Lilly, and a parolee, Chad, who strives to rebuild his life.

Cover image for A Moment in Time by J.G. MacLeod
A Moment in Time by J.G. MacLeod

The story unfolds through a captivating first-person perspective that alternates between the protagonists. This distinctive approach offers readers an intimate glimpse into the characters’ thoughts and emotions, heightening the tension during pivotal moments.

Despite their mismatched backgrounds, both Lilly and Chad harbour their own personal struggles and traumas. MacLeod skillfully crafts raw and evocative scenes that emphasise the necessity of confronting one’s past in order to move forward.

A Moment in Time is a captivating tale of two kindred spirits who discover solace and healing in each other’s company. The authenticity of the prose may resonate deeply with readers, as it reflects the genuine nature of the author’s writing. Well worth a read!


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