Evelyn Reads Sally

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sally is a western written by independent author Sara Flower Kjeldsen. It takes place in the fictional town of White Oaks during the nineteenth century, a place where things are not as they seem.

Cover for the book Sally by Sara Flower Kjeldsen
Sally by Sara Flower Kjeldsen

This story is primarily focused on Sally, a young creative girl who plans to attend university to study art. However, her life is uprooted when a tornado touches down near her home, shattering her dreams.

She finds herself married, barred off from the life she hoped for. As she struggles to find herself in her new life, the veil surrounding the town is lifted, revealing truths she’s ill equipped to deal with. This strains relation with her husband, family, and friends sending her deeper down the rabbit hole. In the end you’ll be left wondering how this will turn out.

Sally is a quick read that explores what happens when a creative soul is denied an outlet. The characters are fleshed out and feel real, and the situations may seem all too familiar to some. After reading the last page, you’ll be left yearning for more!


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