Evelyn Reads The Suicides

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Mental illness and suicide are sensitive topics in our time. Imagine a story that involves both aspects in the late nineteenth century and think of the challenges these would pose.

The Suicides by Sara Flower Kjeldsen

This is where indie author, Sara Flower Kjeldsen, takes us in her book titled The Suicides. She introduces Alfred, who is driven to shine a light upon a community’s suicides. The thing is, his interactions with townsfolk strongly hint that they are not inclined to support his cause.

This story brings up the stark realities of the day and some which will likely never change. As the story develops, so do the mysteries that bind the characters, bringing them closer together while simultaneously tearing them apart.

Ultimately, this is a quick and compelling story which may just open your eyes. The last line of the book sums things up perfectly. May I suggest you will need to read the book to find out.


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    Sounds interesting ^^ Added to my tbr

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