How to Get Your Readers to the Right Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is separated into regional marketplaces. This is why you will find sites like (United States), (Canada), and (United Kingdom). Not all goods can be purchased in a market outside of your own, and this extends to Kindle Ebooks. How does it work for readers sent to the wrong market? While the answer is nuanced, the end result is often lost sales.

How do we fix this? Here are four easy methods:


Authors often provide links to their books to or their regional counterparts. For example:

Author advertising with a link to their book

On a computer, Amazon informs readers that they are not in their regional market and offers to redirect them. That’s not the case for mobile devices, or when using the Amazon app. This shows what happens when someone is sent to the wrong market (

Page viewed on, not the user’s default market

Here the reader is informed that: This title is not currently available for purchase. Some readers may be able to work around the problem:

Page viewed on, the user’s default market

What if they can’t fix the problem? The simple answer is that readers will move on.

How do we prevent this? Here are four services that directs readers to the correct marketplace.

When someone clicks on the link, brings them to a launch page showing the novel, synopsis and links to various markets. No account is required to create links, and short versions are available.

Launch page generated by


BookLinker supports both Amazon and Apple. The basic service is free, and links are easy to create. You can also personalise links, to make them easier to remember. When a reader clicks on the link, they are automatically redirected to their regional market.


Relinks.Me supports both Amazon and Apple and redirects readers automatically to their regional market. While you don’t need an account to create links, they are easier to find later if you do. This service is free and offers shortened versions as well.

Universal Books Links

Universal Books Links is a service offered by Draft2Digital that links readers to Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and others. You can also add links to services that Draft2Digital does not specifically target, like Google Play.

Overall, this is a great solution for those who opt for wide distribution. Readers choose their storefront and will be redirected accordingly. Links on this service can also be personalized to make them easier to remember.

Launch page created by Universal Book Links


Each service can be paired with a web link shortening service such as These are invaluable for sites that limit the character count, and provides analytical information on clicked links. Some may even generate QR codes that are usable in pictures and print.

That’s it!

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