Man of War – Excerpt No. 74

He grabbed Enfers by the reins and led him further down the creek until the road was no longer visible. Marc left the horse roam to eat some grass, as he collected dry bark, deadfall, and twigs to start a fire. 

As he knelt down, he caught sight of a hare observing them from under the brush. His first instinct was to give chase, but was bound to end up bloodied with a bruised ego. I need to be smart about this.

With one foot placed gently behind the other, Marc backed away until he was back with Enfers. He deposited everything he picked up, careful to avoid making any sounds that might scare the animal away.

A teenage out in the woods searching for firewood. There is a hare in the distance hiding in the bushes. Clothes and background appropriate for 16th century France.

Disclaimer: This excerpt from Man of War is currently in development. There may be typos, errors, omissions, inconsistencies and so forth.

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