On the Dimension of Characters and Worlds

I came across a blog entry from Stephanie Wood which spoke to me and became curious to see how many others would agree or disagree with the author.

I don’t write like other writers, but it’s all write! by Stephanie Wood on Goodreads.

For one, I tend to write worlds that have 3D characters in a 2D world. This means that my characters’ thoughts and emotions dominate the narrative, whereas the world I describe is mostly nameless. In the Portrait the city my characters inhabit is simply referred to as the City. I throw in a few breadcrumbs to identify them.

I know a lot of people seem to prefer the reverse, something I noticed that the Lord of the Rings had in kind. He would spend pages describing places, structures and their history. However, he comparatively glossed over the characters.

I certainly agree that there is room for both (and other writing styles). I was just curious to see what others thought about it!


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