The Van Helsing Impetus – Excerpt No. 309

This newscast reminded her of looking at herself in a funhouse mirror, the ones that distorted how she appeared in reality. Clara was not accustomed to dealing with anxiety, but her chest tightening and an associated drop in blood pressure gave her reason to worry. That’s distressing.

We almost got her,” Silver said.

Yes!” Sparky shouted.

“They are following in my—” Clara faltered.

Quiet. She can hear us,” Ethereal warned.

Clara closed her eyes and focused until her heart rate settled. After several deep breaths, it was back to where it belonged, but the sisters continued to whisper in the background.

Picture of a girl dressed in a bright blue costume staring into a fun house mirror. Her image is distorted. Image by Louise Lavallée from Pixabay.

Disclaimer: This excerpt from The Van Helsing Impetus is currently in development. There may be typos, errors, omissions, inconsistencies and so forth. The image is sourced from Pixabay.


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