The Van Helsing Impetus – Excerpt No. 416

Clara walked until she reached a street that led further uphill. She had to wait a bit, a delay brought on by a delivery truck and an inexperienced valet blocking the way. The language was colourful and included swear words in three distinct languages. If I wasn’t in a hurry, I’d be impressed.

A mother turned to face the ongoing drama taking place behind Clara. That smile faded away, worried that this disagreement might soon explode.

Viens,” her maman said. “Let’s go this way.”

Clara watched mother and child fade into the distance. Soon after there came the distinctive chirps of a patrol car. Fear of an impending arrest took the fight out of them. Despite all the shit she had to deal with, her mind continued to linger on what her life might have been like with children. Di Mi! Like I need to add more on my plate.

With the help of an officer, the truck and car were sorted out. Now that she had a clear path ahead, Clara pushed on and took a left at the corner. From here it was uphill most of the way. She did not mind, because the physical exertion would keep her grounded.

Stylised picture of two men fighting in a smoky back alley. The black man with blond hair is wearing green, while the other is shirtless, has black hair, and looks to have suspenders. The men are engaged in a flight. Image by Cottonbro from Pexels.

Note: The latest novel featuring Clara Grey, The Van Helsing Impetus is out now. The attached image is sourced from Pexels.


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