The Van Helsing Impetus – Excerpt No. 428

“My lord…why didn’t I see this before?” Evelyn asked herself. “You’re jealous of her!”

“No,” Marc said. “I—”

Mon cher,” Evelyn said. “I would never leave you.”

“Never?” Marc confirmed.

“Never,” Evelyn said. “We complete one another. Now, let’s get going before airport security asks questions.”

Marc nodded and opened the door to the limousine. Evelyn flashed him another smile and took her seat. While he walked around to the driver’s side door, she poured herself a glass of wine and sunk back into her seat.

“Never leaving you doesn’t mean that I won’t fall for her,” Evelyn whispered before taking a sip.

Picture of a blonde with bare legs, shoulders, and arms wearing a golden dress seated in what appears to be limosine with the door open. Image by Kadeem Stewart from Pexels.

Note: The latest novel featuring Clara Grey, The Van Helsing Impetus is out now. The attached image is sourced from Pexels.


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