The Van Helsing Impetus – Excerpt No. 430

“So, why is there another dress in the trunk?” Clara asked. Curiouser and curiouser.

Clara cocked a brow and took the second dress out. The ruffled bottom was like the one she bought. However, the differences were not obvious until it hung loosely from the hanger.

“I’d be showing an awful lot of skin…” Clara said before smirking.

As she uttered that last word a piece of paper fell to the ground. She picked up the note, which read: They’ll be too busy staring at your bare back and tits to see what you’re packing.

“…which is the point,” Clara said with a smile.

Picture of a blonde in the water wearing a white dress. Appears to be sheer around the chest. Her cleavage, shoulders, and arms are bare. Image by Masha Raymers from Pexels.

Note: The latest novel featuring Clara Grey, The Van Helsing Impetus is out now. The attached image is sourced from Pexels.


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