The Van Helsing Impetus – Excerpt No. 50

“What do you know about my sister?” Clara asked.

The smile that had been lingering on those lips since they first fucked faded away. Clara momentarily felt guilty for it, but her world had been thrown upside down within a week. She needed situational awareness and fast.

“Not as much as I would like,” Evelyn said. “She was Drusilla’s pet project, similar in many ways to my Grace.”

“That’s what caught me by surprise,” Clara said. “When I last saw her, she was just engaged to a coal miner.”

“Do you ever look back?” Evelyn said.

Picture of a miner, caked in dirt and smiling. Teeth, lips, and eyes only part not coated. Image by Анатолий Стафичук from Pixabay.Disclaimer: This excerpt from The Van Helsing Impetus is currently in development. There may be typos, errors, omissions, inconsistencies and so forth. The image is sourced from Pixabay.


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