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This page contains a list of all literary projects by Evelyn Chartres (Nom de Plume).

The Portrait

The Portrait's CoverThe Portrait is a Gothic horror about Victoria Frost, an author who develops an unhealthy obsession for her character. As events unfold, her obsessions begin to turn on her, which forces the author to question her sanity. Is she simply slipping deeper into madness or are there other factors at play?

The Grand

The Grand is a collection of Gothic horror stories that focus a town prosecutor who accidentally discovers a series of grizzly case files. Individual stories incorporate supernatural themes based in the Roaring Twenties to create a rich historical, linguistic and cultural backdrop.

The Van Helsing Paradox

The Van Helsing Paradox explores the life and times of Clara Grey, a hunter for a secretive religious order. Explore Clara’s origins, as a child born before the dawn of the twentieth century and how she blossomed into a full-fledged hunter. Witness how the tragedy of the Great War and her training helped her to become an empowered flapper wielding her trusty derringer.

The Van Helsing Resurgence

The Van Helsing Resurgence is a continuation of a day in the life of Clara Grey, an angel for Heaven. Explore her world, as she gets called down to Earth to investigate the case of a missing soul, just as the reality gets shattered by a group of scientists. Remember that while the Roaring Twenties are long gone, a heroine’s work is never done.