Evelyn Reads A Seahag’s Song

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A Seahag’s Song is a historical fantasy written by independent author Sara Flower Kjeldsen. This short story follows a sea hag, a woman cursed to haunt the ocean depths. A creature who is focused on a young maiden pushing the boundaries of her society.

A Seahag's Song by Sara Flower Kjeldsen
A Seahag’s Song by Sara Flower Kjeldsen

This character-driven tale involves many themes and forces the reader to ask. What is beauty? How much is our world view  tainted by our experiences? Have we been corrupted by how we view ourselves? Would we want to forget all our woes? If so, at what cost?

Kjeldsen breathes life to these characters as the story reaches a surprising end. While you may be initially reviled by this cursed woman, you’ll soon fall under her spell.

This quick read is well-worth your time!


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