Evelyn Reads Child of Water

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Child of Water, a biographical historical fiction written by independent author Gemma Lawrence. The first instalment in The Heirs of Anarchy series, is a compelling narrative on the early life of Matilda, daughter of Henry I, who became Empress of the Holy Empire.

Cover Image for Child of Water by Gemma Lawrence.
Child of Water by Gemma Lawrence

Lawrence skillfully weaves historical facts with plausible inferences, bridging gaps in the historical record to bring these larger-than-life characters to life. By incorporating intricate details on various aspects of the era, such as culinary practices, herbal medicine, and the daily lives of both servants and nobility, Lawrence creates immersive scenes that transports readers to a bygone age.

What sets Child of Water apart is its focus on strong female figures in history. This novel is notable for its exploration of the challenges faced by trailblazing women like Matilda, who paved the way for future queens of England. The complex political climate of the time is vividly portrayed, offering readers a deeper understanding of the numerous obstacles Matilda had to overcome to mark her place in history.

Child of Water is a book filled with rich historical detail that breathes life into the early life of Matilda, once Empress, Queen and Countess. Readers will find themselves immersed in the complex political climate of the day as a notable woman in history finds her footing. Highly recommended!


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