Evelyn Reads The Peasant Woman

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Peasant Woman is a historical fantasy novella written by independent author Sara Flower Kjeldsen. Her tale begins with a prince whose life they spent waiting to become King.

The Peasant Woman by Sara Flower Kjeldsen
The Peasant Woman by Sara Flower Kjeldsen

Plans have a tendency to fall off the rails, and in this case, fail spectacularly. After getting knocked out during an escape attempt, he wakes up in a peasant’s home. Soon after, he meets a woman and the life that could not be farther removed from his.

What follows is a tale of discovery, introducing this prince the harshness of life and eventually puts him in a situation to choose the life they would rather live. Ultimately, The Peasant Woman is a fast read that delivers a satisfying conclusion.


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