Hot off the Press – Fade to Noir

When the light fades and the shadows whisper, do you ever ask yourself if it’s something sinister?

As the veil of night settles across the land, can you imagine things you can’t quite understand?

There are worlds of wonder beyond our reckoning, worlds where reality is torn asunder…and they beckon…

Do you ever ask yourself if it’s something sinister?

From fifteen different authors, we bring you tales of those things that walk among us. The inexplicable, the strange, and perhaps deranged, are all contained within the pages of Malarkey’s ImaginOmnibus.

What lies behind the mundane reality coating our world in a veneer of easy-to-digest simplicity?

We bring you tales that just might be true, to enable you to see things anew.

Allow Malarkey’s ImaginOmnibus to show you…


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