M.J. Hudon’s Review of The Van Helsing Paradox

Wow! What a lovely review from M.J. Hudon for The Van Helsing Paradox. This is my latest dark fantasy release that follows the life and times of Clara Grey, a child who grows up to hunt things that go bump in the night!

Review of the Van Helsing Paradox by M.J. Hudon

Her review is simple, straight forward and beautifully done. The following is an except from the review:

Clara Grey notices things. Things nobody else will allow themselves to see. It is this ability, this willingness to believe, that makes Miss Grey the perfect candidate for training to be a monster hunter.

This one is my favourite:

Well written and smart, The Van Helsing Paradox is a fresh take on monster hunting and monster hunters.

Thank you very much for your great review! Are you curious about my work? Just click on my Prose link, to find a list of all my published works!


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    What an awesome review! Have to agree with her :3

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