Man of War – Excerpt No. 103

“So, that’s why you had me summoned, I—”

“Maternien has a younger brother who commands the local garrison,” René replied. “I’m hopeful we can bring him a volunteer in the morning.”

“And your name is?” Maternien asked.

Marc was about to open his mouth to say something, but his uncle had all the answers.

“Marc des Plaines.” 

“That’s not a common family name for these parts,“ Maternien replied.

“No, it’s not. My cousin married a baron up North, and she’s worried about him.”

Garrison of soldiers standing in formation, with an officer at the front. as seen from a high vantage point. Background and clothing appropriate to the 16th century France.

Disclaimer: This excerpt from Man of War is currently in development. There may be typos, errors, omissions, inconsistencies and so forth.


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