Man of War – Excerpt No. 210

Another four made it up to the crest and went on to reinforce the positions at the edge of town. Their chase was called off as two horses and their riders fell into a concealed pit. Marc knew that neither man nor their horses would be coming back up alive.

Another two of his men found refuge within the trenches. While not ideal, they would remain concealed and strike when the opportunity struck, or paid the ultimate price of king and country.

Given the heavy losses, the cavalry rejoined with those moving up on his left. Even combined they were less than half their original number. Marc noticed a few stallions retreating into the woods, riderless, likely in some vain attempt to jump a Frisian horse.

His men already exceeded his expectations, but they were still heavily outnumbered. Heading the combined wave was El Comandante himself. The man didn’t dare to lead the main charge himself.

Soldier in a trench on a hill, killed by a musket shot in the back. Background and clothing appropriate to the 16th Century France.

Disclaimer: This excerpt from Man of War is currently in development. There may be typos, errors, omissions, inconsistencies and so forth.


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