Patrick Webb Reviews The Clara Grey Adventures

Patrick Webb, is a fellow author from the Twitter Writing Community. He recently did a review on The Clara Grey Adventures, a series that features Clara Grey as the leading lady. Currently, The Van Helsing Paradox, and The Van Helsing Resurgence are available to read, but a sequel is due out in the Fall!

Review of the Van Helsing Paradox by Patrick Webb

Patrick provides an in-depth review of my two books, and makes a few guesses on what is to come. For those leery of spoilers, the author did a great job of warning you before reaching content that could spoil the read.

Review of the Van Helsing Resurgence by Patrick Webb

One of my favourite quotes from the review appears early on:

What I really love about Ms. Chartres’ writing is how she balances character moments, action and gore, with some intimate scenes thrown in for good measure.

I’d like to take the time to thank Patrick Webb for this lovely review. It is truly a blessing to have the opportunity to see how much a reader enjoyed one of my works. Thank you!


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