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  • Evelyn Reads The Scorched Sky

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    The Scorched Sky is a superhero fantasy novel written by independent author Jon Ford. This is the first book in the Femme Fatales series, featuring a tear in the sky, a massive alien ship and a big city to destroy.

    The Scorched Sky by Jon Ford
    The Scorched Sky by Jon Ford

    As the genre implies, this story revolves around superheros who volunteer to help against an alien invasion. Some are ageless, some artificial, while others can’t vote or legally buy beer. This ragtag group of heroes sells this story. It adds depth to the characters through rich backstories brought out through their interactions with one another or as they come to terms with their situations.

    This extensive cast of characters are thrown together into an extinction-level event, forcing them to learn, work together, and form bonds. Scientists and commanders on the field are just as much in the dark as to the aliens and their intentions. The unknown lends an air of reality to this work.

    Does some of this sound like a movie? The Scorched Sky is a quick read that plays out a bit like a summer blockbuster. It offers plenty of action, dramatic scenes, and two post credit scenes. Which elements of these teasers will be in the next book? We have to wait to find out!

    For those of you familiar with other works from the Twitter Writing Community, you’ll also be rewarded with a few Easter Eggs.