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  • The Email Holy Grail

    7 Tips for Getting More Responses to Your Emails (With Data!) on blog.boomerangapp.com.
    Came across this article from +Laurie Varga​​’s feed and it’s an interesting read. There is excellent advise within and statistics to back up their claims.

    Not all of it translates well for posting on Google+ and their ilk (i.e. Long comments probably will get you a TL;DR.) though some certainly applies!

    While the title of the article says 7 Tips for Getting More Responses to Your Emails, only six are outlined in the summary! I included the summary below for convenience:

    1. Use shorter sentences with simpler words. A 3rd grade reading level works best.
    2. Include 1-3 questions in your email.
    3. Make sure you include a subject line! Aim for 3-4 words.
    4. Use a slightly positive or slightly negative tone. Both outperform a completely neutral tone
    5. Take a stand! Opinionated messages see higher response rates than objective ones.
    6. Write enough, but not too much. Try to keep messages between 50-125 words.