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  • Evelyn Reads We Are Mars

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    We Are Mars, by Cheryl Lawson, is a story of what happens when scientific achievement and exploration meet the grim reality of the Twitter generation, one too distracted to pay attention to what the senior echelon is up to.

    We Are Mars by Cheryl Lawson

    This story starts a little over fifty years after the settlement is established and is home to thousands of souls. Here, conditions are deteriorating because supplies from Earth are less bountiful than before.

    From there, the author introduces a varied and memorable cast of players. A core group of characters get the spotlight giving you a unique insight into their thoughts and emotions, an aspect that I found to be compelling. As the story develops, alliances are made and broken as tensions reach critical.

    Lawson really does an excellent job of mixing in theoretical and emerging science into the story, lending credibility to the tale and giving it an overall authentic feel.

    Overall, if you are into series, I’d say that it’s worth reading!