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  • Evelyn Reads End Game

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    End Game is a dark fantasy novel written by independent author David Toft. The book starts off with a wave of global suicide bombings designed to antagonise worldwide grievances. It soon becomes apparent two individuals are committing these acts, sometimes minutes apart on the other side of the globe.

    Cover of End Game by David Toft
    End Game by David Toft

    While End Game starts off with a scenario that could conceivably take place in our world, it quickly turns towards the fantastical. Toft weaves a tale filled with mystery, magic and action. I was left to wonder what’s going on and where this story is headed.

    This book features an ever-expanding cast of characters and is told from multiple points of view. It grants the reader insight on both sides of the conflict, including their motivations. This is especially effective when a character attempts to outmanoeuvre other players on the board.

    End Game is a fast-paced read that plunges the reader into a high-stakes adventure where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. With its rich tapestry of characters and motivations, you’ll be left guessing until the very end.

  • Evelyn Reads a Girl Called Ari

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    A Girl Called Ari by independent author P.J. Sky, is a post-apocalyptic tale of two women thrust together by fate.

    A Girl Called Ari by P.J. Sky

    The first is Starla, the daughter of the leader of the last bastion of civilization in the wastes. Lastly, we have Ari, left to fend for herself in the wastes as a child. Two women from radically different backgrounds embark on a journey that is marked by peril and death.

    The story is mostly focused on the points of view of Ari and Starla, giving the reader a hint of their pasts along with thoughts that only the individual character knows. This contrast in point of view work well, allowing the story to unfold at a good clip.

    This book is a quick read filled with bite sized chapters to snack on. Readers will fall in love with Ari and encounter a satisfying ending that leaves plenty of opportunity to develop the world further.

    Coincidentally, Ari Goes to War, the sequel to this tale, is available for preorder.

  • Evelyn Reads A Cursed Legacy

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    A Cursed Legacy is an urban fantasy novel authored by Kima Blaze. This is the third book from the A Rift in the Veil series and will only make sense to new readers after reading the first two.

    A Cursed Legacy by Kima Blaze

    These books have taken on traits of a television series. Every new book drives the overall story forward and foreshadows new elements that later come into play. However, the story is still focused on the here and now.

    Previously, readers were left hanging due to the Wendigo storyline, and this release successfully passes the baton. The feel from the last book is also maintained inasmuch as the story reflects the chaotic nature of the situation. Lizzie can’t seem to catch a breath, let alone plan, and that rings true given the situation.

    Overall, this is a great read if you’ve invested in the series already. The story has a satisfying conclusion to the most pressing plot lines left open from its predecessor and further sheds light on Blaze‘s grand vision.

    New to the series? I recommend you check out The Curse of a Name.

  • Evelyn Reads Duckett and Dyer: The One-Hundred Percent Solution

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    G.M. Nair has blessed us with Duckett and Dyer: The One-Hundred Percent Solution, the second in a series that features Michael Duckett and Stephanie Dyer, two private investigators who have a habit of finding trouble, no matter where they go.

    Duckett and Dyer: The One-Hundred Percent Solution by G.M. Nair

    This story takes off a few months after the events of the last book end. After the pair’s last hijinx-filled adventure, there were hints that something else was at play. The author does not disappoint by launching our heroes right back into the thick of things.

    Nair also brings back several memorable characters, providing us with a mixture of salty and sweet. We are even regaled with a bit of backstory, interwoven with the main storyline, which hints that not all is well in the multiverse.

    This story has much of the same flavour as its predecessor. The humour prevails and promises a few zigs where the reader would expect a zag. This is truly where G.M. Nair‘s imagination shines.

    If you want a solid read that ventures into the realm of the random and absurd, then this novel is for you!

  • Evelyn Reads Essence: Amber

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    Essence: Amber is the third of a science fiction series written by Nick Braker. This novel takes off right where Essence: Alta ends and brings this continuing saga to the next level.

    Essence: Amber by Nick Braker

    While the previous books were heavily focused on limited locations, allowing for a focus on character growth, Essence: Amber enables the reader to really sink their teeth into a universe that, until now, we’ve only had a taste of.

    Now that the events explored previously have come to an head, the world beyond is blown wide open. The reader quickly realises that there is much they don’t know, and that the next page might bring revelations of treachery, conquests, or the threat of eradication. This uncertainty will leave the reader to question the fate of the group until the very end.

    Alas, there is still much in this universe left to explore. While the main storyline has ended cleanly, there are other avenues left to explore. Those will hopefully be answered in Essence: Candice due for release December 2020. I can’t wait!

  • Evelyn Reads Essence: Alta

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    I’ve had a chance to read through Essence: Alta, a science fiction story by Nick Braker. This is the sequel to Essence: Septima and starts off moments after the first book finished.

    Essence: Alta by Nick Braker

    Whereas the first book was chaotic due to the conflicts swirling within the main character’s being, this novel shifts its focus on the external threats, while still delivering on a stream of sexual conquests. The story also coalesces key players in order to explore the ramifications of their attempts to out-manoeuvre one another.

    All the while, the main character learns to live with the fusion of two souls. Answers will trickle in on this new reality, giving the reader more insight on the history and world Nick created.

    What we don’t get is a satisfying ending. This story is a bridge to Essence: Septima and sets the scene for Essence: Amber. How everything falls into place will have to wait for the sequel. Mercifully, the book is already available for your reading pleasure.

  • Evelyn Reads Duckett & Dyer: Dicks for Hire

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    I just finished reading Duckett & Dyer: Dicks for Hire, an adventure/science fiction story written by G.M. Nair. This story revolves around a pair of life-long friends who are about to embark on an adventure. Problem is, they just don’t know it yet.

    Duckett & Dyer: Dicks for Hire by G.M. Nair

    Those who read the blurb before buying will not be disappointed. This story drives through space, time, alternate universes and people to deliver non-stop action that will leave you baffled as to where exactly in this story you are.

    The author’s creativity really shines when it comes to the alternate universes. While the series Sliders may have been limited by sets and budgets, his imagination and ability to set scenes to page knows no bounds!

    If you want a quick read that feels like a roller coaster ride through the weird and wonderful? Then this book is for you! The author closes up all the loops nicely but leaves just enough of a story behind for the promise of a sequel is out now! So what are you waiting for?

  • Evelyn Read’s The Curse of Sight

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    The Curse of Sight by Kima Blaze which is a sequel to her earlier work, Curse of a Name.

    The first book in the series has a very gothic feel. The story is based around a family estate house with a dark past. It challenged the reader to question whether the characters were insane or cursed. Despite this story taking place in modern times, it harkened back to the days of classic horror.

    The Curse of Sight by Kima Blaze
    The Curse of Sight by Kima Blaze

    The sequel takes off exactly where the first book ended. What changes in this book is the uncertainty of the world surrounding the characters. At this point, the reader is well aware of the supernatural, but has only dipped their toes in Kima Blaze‘s world.

    This book dives into the author’s expanded universe, bringing more depth to established elements such as witches and shamans which had been only touched on previously. The ghosts tethered to Elizabeth are also back, giving more life to these haunted souls who died tragic deaths.

    This is a story worth reading, especially if you liked the first in the series. You’ll get to see more of this world as well as hints of what is to come. The characters feel real and human, and their choices will lead to unexpected consequences.

    This tale, however, does not have a satisfying ending like its predecessor did. To find out what happens, you’ll need to wait for the third book in the series. I can’t wait!

  • Evelyn Reads The Inevitable Fate of E & J

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    Love has often been portrayed as a powerful force, capable of creating unimaginable beauty, or able to change the course of history itself. When dealing with such power, one may wonder if love could even transcend death. Could a pair of starstruck lovers be reunited in another life? What about the mechanics? Would there be strings attached? The Inevitable Fate of E & J by Johanna L. Randle aims to address these questions.

    Inevitable Fate of E & J by Johanna L. Randle

    This book is presented in first person form and is focused on two teenaged characters. There is a complex history between the two, nuanced by a tragedy that occurred outside of their control and a friendship that appeared to be destined to be unbreakable. Neither character is perfect. They are forced to deal with their insecurities, their place in the social strata, and the tempest of emotions many experience while going through high school. It is these flaws that make the characters seem… so human… so real.

    This book is a quick read, with chapters that split the story into bite-sized pieces for those of us who cannot dedicate large blocks of time to reading. Changes in point of view are clearly indicated at the start of a chapter enabling a reader to follow along with ease. There is also an historical component to this story which is woven beautifully into the chapters themselves in the form of dreams, flashbacks, and hallucinations.

    Johanna has done a beautiful job of bringing this story to life. This character driven tale is sure to please, and will leave you yearning for more as you wait for the next book of the series!

  • Evelyn Reads Werewolf Nights

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    Mari Hamill brings to life a unique world where werewolves and hunters are ingrained into the fabric of the culture. In Werewolf Nights, not only is there a fresh take on werewolf lore, but the town, stores and even the local university pay homage to their namesakes.

    Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill

    The story starts off with an apparently innocuous outing. Catherine Mercy, a femme fatale who had to deal with the disappearances of the only two men she ever loved, goes out on a date. So what could possibly go wrong? In a place where everyone knows your name and rumours travel faster than light, the opportunity for mischief rises exponentially!

    While the cast is varied, the story is mostly focused on the main character, Catherine Mercy. Her tragic past, kind nature, creativity, and ultimately, her ability to face challenges head-on endear the reader. I would devour more stories from this author simply to watch Catherine in action!

    Werewolf Nights is a fast-paced, light read that flawlessly combines fantasy, action and romance into one comprehensive tale. If you are hunting for a story that has the feel of a telenovela with a hint of Dark Shadows, with werewolves instead of vampires, then this book is for you!