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  • Evelyn Reads Eye of the Brave

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    Eye of the Brave is the third book in the Rift Cycle series written by independent author Halo Scot. This post-apocalyptic fantasy starts off seven years after the events of Echoes of Blood.

    Eye of the Brave by Halo Scot
    Eye of the Brave by Halo Scot

    Like the preceding books, Eye of the Brave focuses on Rune and Kyer, with alternating chapters covering their perspectives. By now,  readers are familiar with the rich world and characters that Zawad offers.

    This is where Scot dives into the unknown, introducing us to the realm of Digard, home of the patron gods. This is a world alien to our own and eternal, which leaves certain characters wholly unprepared for the experience.

    Throughout the first part of the book, there is a lingering sense that we are approaching the bitter end. The fires cool, the spirit weakens, their strength wanes and affairs are settled.

    That changed in tone, causing us to wonder if Scot has rewarded us with a fairy tale ending. Of course, we should know better by now.

    Eye of the Brave is a fast read that further delves into the dark portrait the author painted for us. With a rich assortment of characters and tragic backstories, Scot sets the stage perfectly for the last book in the series, Elegy of the Void.