Evelyn Reads Dead Culture

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dead Culture is a post-mortal fantasy written by independent author Ross Young. This is the fourth book of the Gloomwood series that centres on a fictional city of the dead found outside of Heaven or Hell. 

Cover for Dead Culture by Ross Young
Dead Culture by Ross Young

This story takes place after the events of Dead Festive. It is focused on Detective Blunt, a man who single-handedly alienated everyone around him. With the creditors at his door, he is presented with a cheese-related case that he would rather turn down.

Dead Culture brings back many of the familiar faces and features the same brand of humour one can expect from Young. As a treat, we are introduced to new creatures and areas of the city which have not previously been explored. 

Overall, this novel is a quick read filled with humour, wacky outcomes, and sharp wit. Those who finish this tale, may never look at the yogurt the same way…


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