Evelyn Reads Unbound

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Unbound is a dark fantasy novel written by independent author Luna Fiore. This is the first book in the Underhill Saga, featuring a realm that borders our world, and is the home of witches and fae.

Cover for Unbound by Luna Fiore
Unbound by Luna Fiore

This story focuses primarily on Alannah, a young woman trapped on a small property that straddles both worlds. Alone and isolated, she has grown to accept her solitary existence. She has been tasked with providing food and shelter to humans before they venture out into the dark woods of Underhill, never to be seen again. 

All of that changes when a member of the last group to pass through returns. Left with a choice, she can either carry on with her duties or break a vow and take action. The choice she makes on that day, unleashes a chain of events that will push her into the unknown, where friends and foes are not so easily distinguished.

The author uses multiple points of view to grant us insights on other characters. This effectively gives us a glimpse at their motivations, brings to the forefront the harshness of life, and humanises those who interact with Alannah.

Fiore paints a stunning portrait of a world that is as dangerous as it is beautiful. While Unbound offers a satisfying ending, it also blows open the doors to a new adventure on the horizon! Worth a read!


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