Evelyn Reads Vienna Blood

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Lately, I’ve not had much time for any light reading. So when my eyes fell upon the cover of Vienna Blood by K.C. Bloom, an erotica that features both lesbians and vampires, I found a reason to indulge.

Vienna Blood by K.C. Bloom

I read The Taste of her Blood, the first book of the series, earlier this year and found it to be a delightful read. It reminded me of a dark fairytale that featured a bit of erotic heat to sell it.

Vienna Blood has a different feel to it, because the innocence expected of a fairytale’s main character slipped away with the first novel. Instead, the author changed the setting to a prominent European city filled with women and court intrigue. The characters adapt well to this new environment and are soon involved in a situation that is outside of their control. What happens next is exactly why this book is a must read.

K.C. Bloom is a wonderful storyteller, one who easily weaves action, intrigue and lust into a story that leaves you yearning for more. How fortunate for me, that there is a third book from the same vein that is calling out to me.


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