The End of the Fifth Cycle

Even Things That Go Bump in the Night Need a Place to Unwind

I have completed my fifth review of the Grand. This review marked a 28% drop in overall corrections when compared to the previous revision. Ethereal Nights had the most substantial drop at 60%. While Hadrian’s Legacy increased in changes by 48%.

Overall there were 925 corrections done over the whole of the Grand giving us an average of 57 changes per chapter. This review saw some chapters gain considerably in the amount of revisions as compared to the last review.  Ethereal Nights gained the most whereas it survived with the least changes during the last cycle.

Here is a summary of the cycle:

  • Overall a 28% drop in modifications when compared to revision four;
  • 925 modifications for the entire work. The first time revisions are under three digits;
  • 57 modifications per chapter;
  • Ethereal Nights had the most substantial drop at 60%; and
  • Hadrian’s Legacy increased in changes by 48%.

This revision cycle showcased observations made while working on the Portrait. I found that previous iterations would have an impact on the current revision. So if a chapter had few revisions in the last cycle, it would likely need more later on.  Only after several iterations did revisions consistently drop for all chapters. Either way, I see there being three to two revisions left for the Grand.


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