The End of the Nineth Cycle

Even Things That Go Bump in the Night Need a Place to Unwind

I have completed my ninth review of the Grand. This review showed no decrease in corrections when compared to revision eight. The Cheshire Cats Grin had the most substantial drop of 62%, while the Van Helsing Paradox increased by 63%. Overall, there were 207 corrections and gives us an average of 17 changes per chapter.

About 20% of the chapters saw a drop in changes during this cycle. This revision cycle is unique in that there was no drop in corrections, although changes varied greatly from chapter to chapter.

Here is a summary of the cycle:

  • Overall was no drop in modifications when compared to revision eight;
  • 207 modifications for the entire work;
  • 17 modifications per chapter;
  • The Cheshire Cats Grin had the most substantial drop at 62%; and
  • The Van Helsing Paradox had a 63% increase in changes.

These revision took far less time than previous revisions and for the same reasons:

  • It takes far less time to run through the material;
  • There are far fewer errors to find with an average of 424 words between corrections. This improves on the 371 words per change seen in revision eight; and
  • Changes implemented are minor in scope.

I expect to keep pushing through these revisions until the total amount of corrections drop well below 25 for the manuscript. Since there was no change from the previous revision, I expect there are 2-3 revisions left.


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