The End of the Tenth Cycle

Even Things That Go Bump in the Night Need a Place to Unwind

I have completed my tenth review of the Grand. This review resulted in a 17% decrease in corrections when compared to the ninth cycle. Penny Dreadful had the most substantial drop of 46%, while the Man and the Sea doubled. Overall, there were 173 corrections and gives us an average of 11 changes per chapter.

About 63% of the chapters saw a drop in changes during this cycle. This revision cycle is the first to fall below 200 corrections overall.

Here is a summary of the cycle:

  • There was a 17% drop in corrections when compared to revisions eight and nine;
  • 173 modifications for the entire work;
  • 11 modifications per chapter;
  • Penny Dreadful had the most substantial drop at 46%; and
  • The Man and the Sea had a 200% increase in changes.

These revision took far less time than revisions prior to seven and for the following reasons:

  • It takes far less time to run through the material;
  • There are far fewer errors to find with an average of 432 words between corrections. This improves on the 424 words per change seen in revision nine; and
  • Changes implemented are minor in scope.

I expect to keep pushing through these revisions until the total amount of corrections drop well below 25 for the manuscript. Since there was no change from the previous revision, I expect there are 1 to 3 revisions left.


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