Evelyn Reads The Curse of a Name

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Curse of a Name by Kima Blaze harkens back to the days of classic horror. While based in modern times, this story features and old home filled with history and dark secrets that will bring out the best of this genre.

The Curse of a Name by Kima Blaze

Kima weaves her story beautifully even when dealing with separated parents, a parent’s deteriorating mental state, and coming to terms with her own sense of self. These elements are fused in such a way to keep you guessing. Are things really what they seem? Or is there something darker at play?

While her scenes are rich in detail and history, there is also a great deal of depth to the characters themselves. Even in a short period of time, the main character grows and adapts to her situation in a believable way, thus paving the way for an ending, and sequel, that I’m sure will knock your socks off!


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