Evelyn Read’s The Curse of Sight

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Curse of Sight by Kima Blaze which is a sequel to her earlier work, Curse of a Name.

The first book in the series has a very gothic feel. The story is based around a family estate house with a dark past. It challenged the reader to question whether the characters were insane or cursed. Despite this story taking place in modern times, it harkened back to the days of classic horror.

The Curse of Sight by Kima Blaze
The Curse of Sight by Kima Blaze

The sequel takes off exactly where the first book ended. What changes in this book is the uncertainty of the world surrounding the characters. At this point, the reader is well aware of the supernatural, but has only dipped their toes in Kima Blaze‘s world.

This book dives into the author’s expanded universe, bringing more depth to established elements such as witches and shamans which had been only touched on previously. The ghosts tethered to Elizabeth are also back, giving more life to these haunted souls who died tragic deaths.

This is a story worth reading, especially if you liked the first in the series. You’ll get to see more of this world as well as hints of what is to come. The characters feel real and human, and their choices will lead to unexpected consequences.

This tale, however, does not have a satisfying ending like its predecessor did. To find out what happens, you’ll need to wait for the third book in the series. I can’t wait!


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