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A Quick Read Through the After Effects

I just finished off a book by Stephanie Wood titled the After Effects. Since I enjoyed reading its predecessor Aegean Sun: Room 101, the temptation was too great to see what happened to some of the characters!

Where Aegean Sun: Room 101 had a certain voyeuristic quality. So far that the reader could only view to the events occurring in one room; this sequel breaks out of the mould and does an excellent job of breaking from its predecessor’s shadow.

This sequel aims to close the loop on stories which had occurred previously. It was wonderful to see what effects their time abroad had on these characters. Some relationships grew closer, some were created, and others were blown apart.

While there are some stories from Aegean Sun: Room 101 that had no closure such as Jill and Mike’s scare with cancer. Or what happened to Laura and Suzi after their trip, the stories Stephanie Wood choose to pursue were well worth the read!

Overall this novel is a light quick read, which left me glad that I could consume it one go!

A Quick Read Through Aegean Sun: Room 101

I just finished off a book by Stephanie Wood titled Aegean Sun: Room 101. I came across this series of books when she posted — I don’t write like other writers, but it’s all write! — which delved on writing styles. Stephanie and I seem to have similar styles so I picked up quite copy.

Stephanie sums it up from the start. These individually crafted stories are echoes from the past, memories of events that took place in a fairly regular and nondescript room.

It was a light read, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I could easily dedicate scraps of time to it without getting lost. Nonetheless I had no desire to put the story down unless life insisted on it.

I felt a connection to the characters, simply by reading about their thoughts and emotions. There were also several scenes which were eerily familiar, bur that only made it more enticing.

This in turn, this left me wondering what happened to them after they left. So I am very tempted to pick up the sequel and find out!

Introducing the Hotel Cover

When Revision 5 was introduced, it brought about a new cover design, which  featured a speakeasy.  The speakeasy was iconic for the Roaring Twenties and Dirty Thirties, at least in the United Stated and seemed to be a good fit.

A reader proposed that I use an actual hotel to create the cover.  This idea has merit since the Grand features separate stories that have a common era, theme and location. The Grand is the focal points for all the stories, so it makes sense to pursue that idea.

Fortunately, I had the chance to visit la Ville de Québec which features one of the Railway Grand hotels found through Canada. I used Chateau Frontenac as a base, threw in a backdrop of the Rockies and added a skull rendition that I got from pixabay.com.  The latter was listed is Public Domain, whereas the former where both my shots.

The font itself is YoungSerif found on the fontlibrary.org.  It seems to complement the overall feel of the cover and has an agreeable copyright.

Overall, I think I may have found my eventual release cover.  What do you think?

A Stroll Through Boston

Today I had the opportunity to visit to Boston, Massachusetts. I have been here a couple of times before, but this time I wanted to take the opportunity to revisit the Museum of Fine Arts. This allowed me to take better pictures of Susan Apthorp, the picture used for the cover for the Portrait.
I also took the time to visit the Christmas tree we give the city for their support during the Halifax Explosion. Interesting point of note, there is no sign or advertising as to why the huge tree is there.
Here are some of the shots taken from within the museum and during my jaunt.  I hope they serve as a bit of inspiration!

A Stroll Through Manhattan

I had a chance to visit New York City today.   Mostly I wandered around the city and took pictures of what caught my eye.  The city is well-known for its skyscrapers and Art Deco.

Given my interest in the 1920s and 1930s I made it a point to visit the Rockefeller Centre.  The vast complex of buildings exemplifies architecture of the Art Deco movement and certainly provides a beautiful view of the city once you made it to the top.

I also made a point of visiting Central Park including Belvedere Castle and the Alice in Wonderland statue.  It certainly was not exhaustive visit of the park given its size!

Here is a sample of some of the shots that I manage to take during my trek.  Hopefully they can serve as inspiration for others!