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  • Evelyn Reads Dark Flowers

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    Dark Flowers is a supernatural fantasy novel written by independent author Caytlyn Brooke. This story focuses on a teenaged girl named Eliza who ends up at an orphanage after bouncing around the system for years. 

    Cover for Dark Flowers by Caytlyn Brooke
    Dark Flowers by Caytlyn Brooke

    During an escape attempt, Eliza and her only friend Millie, encounter something supernatural in the surrounding swamps. That’s where this work really begins to shine.

    Brooke weaves a dark tale that leaves you questioning fact from fiction. Both of the girls will be pushed to their limits when faced with a world that not only refuses to believe in the fantastical, but actively suppresses it. 

    Dark Flowers is a quick read that uses dark prose to describe what appears to be a slow descent into madness. In the end, you may not know how to feel about what happened, but you’ll be desperate to find out more!

  • Evelyn Reads Beautiful

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    Young adult fantasy Beautiful: A Tale of Beauties and Beasts by independent author Fran Laniado tells the story of a young woman who always felt out of place.

    Beautiful by Fran Laniado
    Beautiful by Fran Laniado

    In need of change, she leaves the fae to venture out into the world where humans roam. Hurt by the words of another, she curses them and immediately takes steps to undo the damage wrought, thus setting the stage for the story.

    Laniado wonderfully weaves in the theme of beauty and uses it to drive the story onwards in a satisfying way. As a reader, you may be left to ask what beauty is if not in the eye of the beholder, and would such views change over time?

    Beautiful is written in a first person perspective, focused on two characters. While centred on the woman, the alternative perspective provides unique insights that further drive forward the tale.

    Ultimately, Beautiful is a quick read with a satisfying ending. It gives the reader a glimpse into the author’s imaginative world, so much so that I look forward to seeing more of her work. Highly recommended!

  • Evelyn Reads The Inevitable Fate of E & J

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    Love has often been portrayed as a powerful force, capable of creating unimaginable beauty, or able to change the course of history itself. When dealing with such power, one may wonder if love could even transcend death. Could a pair of starstruck lovers be reunited in another life? What about the mechanics? Would there be strings attached? The Inevitable Fate of E & J by Johanna L. Randle aims to address these questions.

    Inevitable Fate of E & J by Johanna L. Randle

    This book is presented in first person form and is focused on two teenaged characters. There is a complex history between the two, nuanced by a tragedy that occurred outside of their control and a friendship that appeared to be destined to be unbreakable. Neither character is perfect. They are forced to deal with their insecurities, their place in the social strata, and the tempest of emotions many experience while going through high school. It is these flaws that make the characters seem… so human… so real.

    This book is a quick read, with chapters that split the story into bite-sized pieces for those of us who cannot dedicate large blocks of time to reading. Changes in point of view are clearly indicated at the start of a chapter enabling a reader to follow along with ease. There is also an historical component to this story which is woven beautifully into the chapters themselves in the form of dreams, flashbacks, and hallucinations.

    Johanna has done a beautiful job of bringing this story to life. This character driven tale is sure to please, and will leave you yearning for more as you wait for the next book of the series!

  • Evelyn Reads Wired

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading Wired by Caytlyn Brooke, a young adult science-fiction that deals with social media and addiction.

    Wired by Caytlyn Brooke
    Wired by Caytlyn Brooke

    For me, reading this book felt like I was approaching a train wreck. From the distance, there is something but I’m unsure. The closer I get, the more apparent the devastation becomes. I simply cannot turn away from the scene, transfixed by the horror, and that is also true for this book.

    In the beginning, I hoped that the main character would heed the close calls and steer away from the dangers of this technology. Alas, the synopsis and chapter titles only served to remind me that things would get worse, far worse.

    How does it end? You’ll have to read to find out, and I highly recommend that you do. Just be aware that this book may have you look at your smartphone and associated social media feeds in a different way!

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