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  • Evelyn Reads Finding Balance

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    Finding Balance is a spicy romance written by independent author Andrea H. Todd. This novel focuses on the lives of three women that become inextricably linked as though by fate.

    Cover image for Finding Balance by Andrea H. Todd
    Finding Balance by Andrea H. Todd

    This story is primarily told from the point of view of the three women, with some chapters focused on their love interests. This aspect allows the reader to better understand the complexities of their relationships.

    The characters are as complex as their histories, with some characters carrying baggage from tragic deaths, domestic violence, and workplace harassment. These events and backstories guide the characters’ actions and gives Finding Balance a gritty feel. 

    Finding Balance is a quick read that delves beautifully into the lives of three women in need of change. Those who love a story surrounding fate and romance will not be disappointed!

  • Evelyn Reads The Inevitable Fate of E & J

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    Love has often been portrayed as a powerful force, capable of creating unimaginable beauty, or able to change the course of history itself. When dealing with such power, one may wonder if love could even transcend death. Could a pair of starstruck lovers be reunited in another life? What about the mechanics? Would there be strings attached? The Inevitable Fate of E & J by Johanna L. Randle aims to address these questions.

    Inevitable Fate of E & J by Johanna L. Randle

    This book is presented in first person form and is focused on two teenaged characters. There is a complex history between the two, nuanced by a tragedy that occurred outside of their control and a friendship that appeared to be destined to be unbreakable. Neither character is perfect. They are forced to deal with their insecurities, their place in the social strata, and the tempest of emotions many experience while going through high school. It is these flaws that make the characters seem… so human… so real.

    This book is a quick read, with chapters that split the story into bite-sized pieces for those of us who cannot dedicate large blocks of time to reading. Changes in point of view are clearly indicated at the start of a chapter enabling a reader to follow along with ease. There is also an historical component to this story which is woven beautifully into the chapters themselves in the form of dreams, flashbacks, and hallucinations.

    Johanna has done a beautiful job of bringing this story to life. This character driven tale is sure to please, and will leave you yearning for more as you wait for the next book of the series!

  • Evelyn Reads Werewolf Nights

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    Mari Hamill brings to life a unique world where werewolves and hunters are ingrained into the fabric of the culture. In Werewolf Nights, not only is there a fresh take on werewolf lore, but the town, stores and even the local university pay homage to their namesakes.

    Werewolf Nights by Mari Hamill

    The story starts off with an apparently innocuous outing. Catherine Mercy, a femme fatale who had to deal with the disappearances of the only two men she ever loved, goes out on a date. So what could possibly go wrong? In a place where everyone knows your name and rumours travel faster than light, the opportunity for mischief rises exponentially!

    While the cast is varied, the story is mostly focused on the main character, Catherine Mercy. Her tragic past, kind nature, creativity, and ultimately, her ability to face challenges head-on endear the reader. I would devour more stories from this author simply to watch Catherine in action!

    Werewolf Nights is a fast-paced, light read that flawlessly combines fantasy, action and romance into one comprehensive tale. If you are hunting for a story that has the feel of a telenovela with a hint of Dark Shadows, with werewolves instead of vampires, then this book is for you!

  • Evelyn Reads Timepiece

    Barbara Avon has a penchant for historical settings and makes use of era-specific nuances to add some spice to her worlds. Timepiece is no exception, introducing a clever plot device in the form of a faustian purchase that keeps perfect time… at least when one is not leaping through it.

    Rating: 5 out of 5.
    Timepiece by Barbara Avon

    Timepiece is foremost a character-driven love story, and the author shows her talent by rendering multiple iconic time periods for her characters to interact with. The slang, clothing, and mannerisms all change to accommodate the era and give every period an authentic feel. It is an aspect of this story that I enjoyed.

    Of note, there are Easter eggs for those who have read Barbara‘s previous works. Alas, any mention of Clara or The Grand in this work of fiction is purely coincidental!

    I thoroughly loved this story and it comes highly recommended. Barbara has a wonderfully descriptive writing style that suits the stories she weaves. The ending fits in perfectly with the overall theme of the book and eluded me until the very end.

    Timepiece reminded me of a dramatic film and was well-worth the price of admission!

  • Evelyn Reads QWERTY

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    QWERTY by Barbara Avon. The tale a grief stricken writer who inherits a typewriter that makes prose come to life. Is this a recipe for disaster, or the key to his salvation?

    QWERTY by Barbara Avon
    QWERTY by Barbara Avon

    In this novella, the author weaves beautiful prose to make both her characters and the story feel real. The depths of emotion, the doubt, and scenes are all written to draw you in and often do.

    This is a quick read that is easily consumed in one setting. Well worth the price of admission for this ride!

  • The Grand – One Week Later

    The Grand has been officially out for about a week now. I posted the announcement was on my social networking accounts along with a few groups. This release also enabled me to dabble with some advertising campaigns on Amazon, Facebook and Fiverr, to gain some insight with the tools.

    Since The Grand has been officially out, almost 400 copies of the book have been downloaded on both Smashwords and Amazon! The book is seeing much more traffic than The Portrait, which I expected since this is a new release.

    Of note, 100 copies of the book were downloaded before the official release. The Grand has been available for almost a month of certain sites, enabling me to widen availability and make it free on every site before release. Despite there being no involvement on my part, the book was being downloaded regularly on sites where the book was free.

    Another interesting anomaly The Grand was ranked at 7,861 (266 for Horror) on Amazon the day after it was released. Currently it is ranked at 16,518 (435 for Horror) even with a noticeable spike generated by an ad campaign setup through Fiverr. There seems to be no real correlation between ranking and downloads.

    I’m also a bit curious as to why it is ranked under Gothic and Fantasy Romance on Amazon. Although I have a feeling the answer would blow my mind!