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  • Evelyn Reads End Game

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    End Game is a dark fantasy novel written by independent author David Toft. The book starts off with a wave of global suicide bombings designed to antagonise worldwide grievances. It soon becomes apparent two individuals are committing these acts, sometimes minutes apart on the other side of the globe.

    Cover of End Game by David Toft
    End Game by David Toft

    While End Game starts off with a scenario that could conceivably take place in our world, it quickly turns towards the fantastical. Toft weaves a tale filled with mystery, magic and action. I was left to wonder what’s going on and where this story is headed.

    This book features an ever-expanding cast of characters and is told from multiple points of view. It grants the reader insight on both sides of the conflict, including their motivations. This is especially effective when a character attempts to outmanoeuvre other players on the board.

    End Game is a fast-paced read that plunges the reader into a high-stakes adventure where the fate of the world hangs in the balance. With its rich tapestry of characters and motivations, you’ll be left guessing until the very end.

  • Evelyn Reads Ladykiller

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    Samantha Kroese is an independent author who loves to write dark tales about hope surviving against impossible odds.

    Ladykiller by Samantha Kroese

    Ladykiller is a dark fantasy tale about an assassin who is renowned for his dealings with women. Kroese has created a world with a dark and gritty edge. No one is white as snow, and their motivations are revealed as the story develops.

    The author weaves two points of view throughout and manages to do so with little duplication. The juxtaposition between the two brothers works out beautifully, revealing both sides of the story.

    Ladykiller is a quick read that will introduce you to a world that is both rich in history and lore. It offers a satisfying ending and closes up all major plot points. While there are other books in this world, this story is effectively a stand alone work and is well worth a read.

  • From Ashes to Magic Released!

    It’s when they creep out of the shadows that you should beware. The good ones will hold your hand when you’re having a nightmare; the bad ones BECOME your nightmare, seeping into your very soul and burrowing in the darkness until they’ve completely taken over.

    Ten authors. Ten stories. Many supernatural beings you’ve come to know and love.

    Available for purchase as:
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    Once you plunge into these pages, you won’t want to leave.

    * * * *

    REBIRTH by A. Denner
    Immortality always comes with a sacrifice. But how can Nova finish the deed when her Prey is the only one that can save her?

    GABBY’S FUTURE by Mikki Noble
    A future-telling tree offers Gabby an unpromising future she must try to change. Will that change make things better or worse?

    LIFE AND DEATH by Nita Pan
    Brimming with love and betrayal, the courtship between two gods explores what it means to have humanity. Is the divine romance between Life and Death doomed from the very beginning?

    CHOSEN by Jennifer C. Colvin
    Stolen away to the Philippine Underworld by a mysterious goddess, dutiful and meek Bituin, a young girl from a small hidden mountain town on Cebu Island, discovers the gods have chosen her as a Babaylan (shaman). Newly imbued with powers beyond her wildest imagination, Bituin’s spiritual awakening sends her life into upheaval and rocks the foundation of her quiet town.

    BROKEN PROMISES by Evelyn Chartres
    A young woman finds herself isolated from all she knows when her home is set ablaze. Despite insurmountable odds, she must risk traversing unfamiliar and hostile territory to find help, or declare her life forfeit.

    CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET? by Carmen Adams
    Palkar Village is a bloodthirsty place for those of the supernatural, and after years of senseless persecution the Sorcerer community sought refuge elsewhere. For decades the Earth Sorceress Alina lived peacefully among her kind in a deep forest until one night of magic changed her world. The Sorcerer community lived in secret tranquility for decades…but would things stay that way?

    HAVENLESS by Ryen Lesli
    Bitter Regret creates beautiful betrayal in Havenless.

    SULFUR NIGHT by Abby Paul
    Cursed. Tainted. Marked. The children born on the sulfur night aren’t like the rest of us. They can serve only one purpose. Perhaps the new gods are as blood thirsty as the old.

    THE LOCKSMITH by Ari Meghlen
    For Cara, a non-magical human, in a world of magic, picking locks is how she makes a living. Her quiet life is threatened when a mysterious traveler brings her a complex lock that makes her the target of a powerful enemy.

    ORDINARY FAE by Melony Paradise
    The only way to hide from a Fae king is to live among humans – as a human. Can Izbella Rane have the normal life she wants, or will she be forced into a world her family fled from?

    Add the From Ashes to Magic – A Supernatural Beigns Anthology to your Goodreads reading list...